Het Muziektheater

Following hard on the success of the WWG Fantômes at the Kammerspiele in Munich, the company has announced that it has now received a contract from the Amsterdam's Het Musiktheater - the home of the Netherlands Opera and the Dutch National Ballet - to supply several more of these special luminaires.

Fantôme is Wynne Willson Gottelier's (WWG's) fully automated version of Robert Juliat's much acclaimed d'Artagnan 2.5kW HMI zoom/profile spotlight. Fantôme provides pan and tilt, via WWG's patented orbital, double mirror head (now manufactured by High End Systems), with remote automation of zoom, focus, and iris, plus WWG's new ultra flexible, four blade, full-framing system. The system for the Musiktheater will also include a unique gobo facility. Gel scrolling will be provided by a Licht Technik colour changer.

Hugo van Uum, Muziktheater's lighting department chief, commented: "We especially wanted to have a gobo facility in our Fantômes, which hadn't been done before. Fortunately, WWG's clever framing system also facilitates this possibility and we are looking forward very much to getting the benefit of the Fantôme onto our productions from this Autumn onwards."

Jonathan Gottelier, WWG's project director, told us: "This is a significant coup for WWG and for Fantôme and we are proud to be part of Het Musiktheater's upgrade. What may be even more significant for Fantôme is the surprising number of opera houses in Europe that are currently expressing a high level of interest in it." Fantôme was originally developed by WWG for The Royal Opera, Covent Garden.

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