Royal Caribbean International 

WWG have worked closely with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCI) since 1990, providing technical design and consultancy for the entertainment spaces on board all their new builds since then. This work has rapidly expanded as the role of entertainment has become generic to virtually every space on the latest vessels, and as RCI have rapidly expanded their fleet. RCI have constructed the Eagle class ships, each capable of carrying 3,100 passengers, at the Kvaerner Masa Yard in Turku, Finland. 

The Vault Nightclub, the interior of which was designed by architect Trond Sigurdsen from Yran & Storbraaten in Oslo, Norway, features a massive two deck high vortex of moving images surrounding a circular dance floor which WWG created using several interacting, media - some embedded in the surface and some appliquéd by projection. Using advanced control technology and cutting-edge video transmitters WWG's multimedia vortex is a constantly changing geometry of multiple moving pictures and colours, a phantasmagoria of visual stimulants and effects.

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